Friday, April 11, 2008

Good visit

Had a very nice visit with Jan and presented the "easy triangle shawl" (pictured below) to her yesterday afternoon. (Jan's pictured standing right above me in the beige sweater!) She was able to come to our knitting group one evening (although she was in a lot of pain with her knee that evening!) She did have her 2nd knee surgery Wednesday and is doing okay but has a long way to go towards a full recovery. She loved the shawl and her friend mentioned that she'd needed it earlier in the day when she was cold!

Keep Jan in your prayers for a speedy recovery!

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Steve & Rebecca said...

That's just great, ladies! I know the women you knit for love the prayer shawls and knowing that they are being prayed for. You are doing a great service to these women in need. Love you all. Rebecca

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