Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Knitwits (e)at it again!

I continue to be amazed that we can throw together a meal faster than any other group of women I know! . . . and not just a meal . . . healthy, nutritious and delicious morsels of culinary delight! How much fun was that, girlfriends?? . . . . and we even got to enjoy a nice evening on the deck!

Once well and overly fed mind you, we finally got around to the knitting portion of our evening . . . after all, that is our main purpose. Everyone is doing a fantastic job on their projects and we were able to think about individuals who we know God could use our knit works to bless and be blessed by!

We were so thrilled that Bonnie joined our knitting group last evening and are hoping she will become a regular! She definitely has the modeling down!

Prayers were offered on behalf of many especially Don and Jan, Steve, Marcia, Jan, Barbara, Rebecca and many more who are currently suffering with various trials, illness, etc. Lynn led us in our closing "benediction" so to speak and asked a special blessing on Brenda, Bill and Brenda's brother and sister as they will be leaving on a 10 day trip to Europe! We wish them Godspeed! Don't forget those souvenirs, Brenda! !!!! (grin, grin!)

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Dona said...

Wow! We need to use Bonnie as our model from now on!

The meal was so good! I didn't try the sweet potato skins. I'll have to think about that one.

I love the way we talk and share. And the prayers help me so much--I am struggling with feeling that my prayers are being answered. I know they are--but I just would like to see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

I read something that Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote--if we want the big things to come from God, then we need to be thanking Him first for all of the little blessings that He sends our way. When we have that down, then He knows that we are ready for something bigger. Of course, this is paraphrased, but the concept reminded me of how we prompted our children to "say the magic word" when they were given something. And when they mastered that, they were mature enough to handle bigger gifts.

Thank you, God, for all of these beautiful friends and what we share!

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